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INNOVATION AND Hometown values

Our Story

High Point Ag, Inc is a local Ag products supplier that is new to the area. High Point Ag will be focusing on serving Osceola and Dickinson counties and the surrounding area. We have four sales professionals starting with owner/manager Joel Hellinga, Zach Hellinga, Derek Ackerman and Doug Stahly. Our sales team has a combined seed sales experience of 35 years. Joel also has 10 years of experience selling farm equipment. High Point Ag will focus on selling Wyffels seed corn along with Kruger, Rob-See-Co and Merschman soybean seed. These other companies offer seed corn also but High Point Ag will only sell Wyffels seed corn. Wyffels was selected because all four of our team members have been selling Wyffels and believe that they are arguably one of the best corn seed companies doing business in the corn belt. Since 2014 Wyffels sales has grown from 300,000 units to 950,000 units making them the fastest growing seed corn brand in the corn belt. Wyffels is a family owned company which is becoming very rare in this industry. Kruger is a seed company based in Iowa and they focus their sales efforts in Iowa. They were selected by High Point Ag because of their commitment to Iowa farmers and the availability of the ExtendFlex soybean platform. Rob-See-Co is another independently owned seed company. This company is owned by Rob Robinson who has an extensive history in the seed industry. The Robinson family formerly owned Golden Harvest, a well respected seed company. Rob-See-Co offers the Enlist or E3 trait platform which is becoming more and more popular in the industry. Finally, High Point Ag elected to sell Merschman soybeans. Merschman once again is a family owned independent soybean only seed company offering the Enlist trait platform. They also have a sister company called MS Technologies which is a joint venture with Stine Seed Company. Joe Merschman is the president of this sister company. The Merschman brand, although new to our area, is a leader in the soybean industry and develop several soybean varieties for other companies in the industry. Many seed dealers offer seed treatment and we look forward to expanding into that arena also.

High Point Ag, Inc is NOT just a seed dealership. We also offer HitchDoc seed handling equipment. HitchDoc offers Travis Seed Carts, fuel trailers and fuel pods along with skid loader attachments. We may expand our equipment offerings in the future as we see a need.

We also have a sister company called Income-Ag which you can check out at . This company is a real estate company that focuses on Ag properties such as acreages, livestock facilities and farm ground. This company is run by Seth Hellinga in conjunction with Joel Hellinga and Keeran Sampson.

High Point Ag Inc
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Family Farm operation near Peterson, IA.

Families, heritage and the future.

Farming is more than just an occupation for most. It is a way of life, a heritage that lasts generations. As farmers ourselves we understand the unique needs of the area. We work hard to connect people to the resources they need to get the job done.

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