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    Overview A consistent high yielder across soil types andenvironments• Strong drought and stress tolerance• Attractive hybrid with good late-seasonhealth and low green snap risk• Semi-determinate ear, high test weight grain Contact Joel @ 712-832-0130 for more information

    Wyffels W3576RIB

      Overview -Exciting top end yields for this maturity and recommend agronomic zones -Excellent hybrid choice for light soils -Very good drought tolerance -Solid stalk strength, very low green snap risk Days to pollination: 70 GDU’s to pollination: 1260 Contact Joel @ 712-832-0130 for more information

      New Wyffels Sign

        High Point Ag Inc has added a new electronic sign facing east towards highway 60. Take a look at some aerial shots and enjoy the view!

        Wyffels W2446

          Overview -A new yield leader for maturity, even in heat-stressed environments -Impressive season-long plant integrity allows for a later spot on the harvest schedule -Very high test weight grain on girthy ears- Days to pollination: 70 GDU’s to pollination: 1225 Contact Joel @ 712-832-0130 for more information

          Wyffels 1306RIB

            Wyffels 1306RIB Overview -An early hybrid, with stable high yields across soil types -Exceptional dry down with dependable agronomics -Very low green snap risk -Trait VT2P -Days to pollination: 66 -GDU’s to pollination: 1180

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