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Get to know Joel Hellinga

Learn More about Joel Hellinga, and his expertise in the agriculture industry.

An experienced professional.

Joel Hellinga made a decision to quit his job with Wyffels Hybrids as a Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at the end of June 2021. Joel had been employed with Wyffels for over 7 years and realized that his real passion for this business was interacting with the corn and soybean growers in the area that he has worked in Ag sales since 1994. Joel previously was the seed division manager at CEA for 10 years and worked with major brands and some regional brands in the industry. Working with these companies Joel learned a lot about the industry and how these companies work. Working with some of these brands led Joel to believe that doing business with independent brands can be a very good decision for local growers. These independent brands do not have shareholders to answer to and in turn can run their businesses in the best interest of their customers. Joel has also learned that it is important to work closely with the growers and learn as much as he can about all of their farms. This helps him be able to recommend the correct products planted at the right population using the right trait package for the grower is what makes them the most successful. Joel likes Wyffels because there is absolutely no product in the lineup that he is afraid to sell, not many brands have that kind of line up. Joel looks forward to visiting with all of the growers in the area and offering them “quite possibly the best hybrids you can buy” as the Wyffels commercials have stated.

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